Monday, October 02, 2006

Denise Richards Pussy Lick

At this point Ann returned from her dressing area and had put on one of her sexiest outfits. Against the backdrop of a black bra holding her curvaceous breasts to a commanding cleavage – surrounded with a touch of black lace, she had a short one piece black dress in position. Black hold up stockings (that always drove Rob wild) covered her shapely legs and she stood in heels that gave her a height advantage. From the hug of the dress no lines were visible in the panty region and before Rob raised the issue Ann smiled and said "I'm not wearing panties tonight – the ones that match this bra are for you tomorrow!"

She pushed my hand harder against my mound and forced my palm into my clit. "Jenny, are you going to cum yet?"

My marriage to June ended three years ago in a divorce. It was an amicable separation. We were living on the West Coast when she got an excellent job offer from New York. It would have been foolish of her to turn it down. It would also have been foolish of me to give up a job that I loved and was well paid to do. We both shed tears the day she boarded the plane.

"Yeah! Yeah! That's it! That's my baby! Do it to me! Flick my clit! Oh! O-o-o-oh! That's so good, so good. I love your tongue on my clit! In my hole!"

Her convulsions triggered Mike's own orgasm and he delivered copious amounts of cum into Maureen's receptive fanny. After a few seconds he removed his still stiff prick and wiped the last dregs of his cum on Maureen's hairy thatch.

“OK, here is how the payment goes. For magazine work, supporting roles pay $2000 per shoot plus ten cents per magazine sold. Angel roles pay $5000 plus 25 cents per copy and if you make the cover you will get $10,000 plus one dollar per copy. Video work pays $500 per minute of on screen time plus 50 cent per video sold. The average of non-starring onscreen time is probably 15 minutes; a starring role probably averages 45 to 60 minutes. If you make the video box cover, you will get another $10,000 and two dollars per copy.”

He saw her in his mind as vividly as he had that afternoon, fanning herself, tiny beads of perspiration rolling down her neck and into the dark valley of her cleavage ...

Throwing on her T-shirt, she ran out of the bathroom in search of her father. She knocked into him in the laundry room, and hugged him tightly about the waist.

A month later, a fight ensued one night while the kids were at the house of Kevin's parents.

“Toots, get up now. I want you to go on the couch and lay down.” he sternly said. I went over to the couch and he followed me. He knelt down and started to suck on my tits again and put his hand in my panties and keep rubbing my clit. He then went down to my panties and pulled them off. “There, that will make it a little easier.” He spread my legs a little and started pumping me with his finger. He just knelt there staring at my young pussy while his finger went in and out. “Such a beautiful pussy. What have you been hiding from me all this while. It is beautiful; so juicy, so pink, so young.” he said with his voice full of lust.

Now that his penis is wet with her saliva, she eases the boy's cock deep into her mouth and throat, sliding her head forward until his pubic hair tickles her nose. Michelle continues to deep throat him until she can tell that he is ready to come. She then pulls back and opens her mouth wide, extending her tongue as far out as she can. She looks up into his beautiful blue eyes as her tongue slowly licks the bottom of his shaft, near the tip. One hand is gripping his steel hard cock and the other is massaging his balls.

“Let’s move into the back seat,” Rachel whispered nearly breathlessly. She couldn’t stop to think about what she was saying, or the Rachel she had been for the past 19 years would return. She didn’t’ want to be that Rachel anymore. She wanted to know what it felt like to have a man ravage her. She wanted to join in the conversation with her girlfriends when they talked about orgasms. She wanted to be a woman, and she wanted this stranger to make her a woman. “The tow truck could arrive any minute,” Bryan responded with a squeak, as she grabbed his shaft with conviction. “You already told me it would be hours,” Rachel responded. Before he could come up with another argument, Bryan found himself following this beautiful, taunt girl into the back seat of his car. Rachel fumbled into the back seat, trying to pretend like this was nothing new to her. She straddled him and he could feel the heat from between her legs. He was hard in an instant. Rachel decided that in honor of Christmas, she would “take the reins” so to speak. In one swift motion her tongue parted his lips and entered his mouth with force. Not wanting to waste any time, she allowed her hands to travel past his shirt and tie, right down to the top button of his pants. She wanted his pants off before he had any time to reconsider.

"Oooooo Uncle Tom..... Oh... my...God.." Leslie said arching her back as her uncle's fingertips danced through her wetness, brushing her clit in the process.

She smiled nervously, I hoped because she'd been as impressed by what she'd seen as I was. "Yes, and you're Dan?"

A little small talk followed and they hung up.

Tina backed away and ran her hands first through her hair again then slowly down her body. She looked into Eddie's eyes and slipped a finger inside her wet pussy, then slowly ran her wet finger up her body to her mouth and slid her finger in and out of her mouth, moving her hips, pretending to hump a cock that wasn't there.

Josh groaned in frustration. "You're not helping."

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